Companies that get cybersecurity right treat it not as an add-on but as something shaped by—and aligned with—business strategy. BCG helps companies focus on the risks and capabilities that matter most.

Cybersecurity is not a technology project. It’s a business project with a strong tech component. Companies that understand this don’t pursue wide-ranging—and often impossible to implement—cyber roadmaps. They focus on the risks and capabilities most relevant to their business strategy.

This perspective shapes our unique approach to cybersecurity. And it’s why a big part of our work is about enablement: building a foundation for continual improvement. So even when we step out of the picture, companies can keep their cybersecurity strategy and their business strategy aligned.

Our Approach to Cybersecurity and Cyber Risk

By looking at cybersecurity through a business lens, we help companies identify the risks they can and can’t accept. This lets us develop business-driven and risk-aligned capability roadmaps. Companies then focus their efforts—and investments—where they matter most.

The process plays out in several phases.


Linking cybersecurity to business strategy. Instead of relying on checklists to quantify cybersecurity risk, we work to understand risk tolerance in the context of business strategy. Our cybersecurity consultants are not just technically proficient; they also possess strong business and risk acumen. They get to the heart of a company’s cybersecurity vision, so that it aligns with the business’s strategy.


Building capabilities. We use evidence-based analysis, anchored in our clients’ priorities, to create a customized framework for cybersecurity. Our surgical approach means that a company doesn’t have to be best in class on every element of cybersecurity. In some cases, being good is just fine—and trying to do more could be an inefficient, and even unnecessary, use of resources.


Continually assessing, aligning, and improving. We work toward one overarching goal: to enable clients to take ownership of their cybersecurity and risk management. The capabilities, processes, and cyber skills we help develop—and embed through robust change management—allow companies to build on their cybersecurity strategy, so it is always in sync with their needs, circumstances, and ambitions.

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A Cybersecurity Leader

BCG was named a leader in cybersecurity services by Forrester Research. Find out why in The Forrester Wave™: European Cybersecurity Consulting Providers, Q3 2021 report.

BCG’s Impact in Cybersecurity

Our cybersecurity consulting team combines business expertise, a strategic mindset, and deep knowledge of cyber technologies. We leverage proprietary tools, such as Cyber Doppler, which helps companies quantify their cyber risks and model different responses.


Helping a Global Bank Optimize Its Cyber Portfolio—and Spending

Many large companies face a common dilemma: they spend vast amounts on cybersecurity yet have limited visibility into how their initiatives actually reduce their exposure. As a result, cyber spending often isn’t as efficient or effective as it could be. Through cyber risk analytics—including our Cyber Doppler tool—we helped our client, a leading global bank, calculate its risk exposure for different scenarios and business units and understand the impact of various cyber activities. This let the company optimize its cyber portfolio and reallocate spending to activities that had the highest impact on risk exposure. The bank reduced its cyber projects by 35% while eliminating or reallocating 15% of its cybersecurity spending—all while improving the organization’s cyber readiness.


Improving the Security Posture for a Global Consumer Goods Company

Hoping to expand its footprint in health care, our client knew it had to first shore up its cyber defenses. A recent malware attack had caused a significant financial loss, and vulnerabilities remained. Drawing on our technical and project management expertise, we conducted multiple cybersecurity assessments and identified both weak points and costly redundancies. We prioritized areas to focus on, and we steered more than 30 cyber defense projects for the client. Just as importantly, we developed long- and short-term roadmaps so that the company could enhance its cyber capabilities quickly—and continually improve.

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A Smarter Way to Quantify Cybersecurity Risk

Not every application or data asset requires the same type or level of cybersecurity protection. BCG’s Cyber Doppler tool quantifies the likelihood of a cyberattack occurring as well as the impact of a successful attack.


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