Select the Right Tools and Methods for the Challenge at Hand

Consumer research can be one of the best investments a company makes. But done poorly, it can quickly become a drain on the company's resources. To avoid this trap, it is critical to keep abreast of the latest technologies driving the tools, techniques, and data available.

Unlocking Value: How to Turn Insights into Advantage

It is important to understand which consumer insights a company needs in order to drive business, but that is only half the battle. Selecting the right tools and techniques to push this research forward is equally important. Making a poor choice among the extensive and constantly evolving range of tools and techniques can often mask or fail to uncover true behaviors, needs, and wants—missteps that can lead to suboptimal business decisions.

The Center for Customer Insight works with clients to get the full picture of the business context and challenges at hand—and then tailors an approach to unearth deep consumer insights and devise an action plan.

Our quantitative and qualitative research—often discovered through proprietary techniques—reveals the most pertinent information related to customer thinking and behavior. We have also amassed a rich set of proprietary data on consumers around the world.

Proprietary Qualitative and Quantitative Techniques

The Center for Customer Insight has a suite of qualitative and quantitative techniques that give deep insight and that are custom-applied to each client. We draw from our research and publications on leading-edge topics and bring a history of actionable insights to the table. By systematically integrating our consumer insight research into our work, we enable our clients to create real-world impact.

  • MindDiscovery®
  • NetDiscovery
  • Consumer Pathways (for pricing analysis)
  • Demand Centric Growth™ (DCG)
  • Brand Advocacy Index

The MindDiscovery® Difference

The Center for Customer Insight understands the importance of matching the right tool or approach with the right insights challenge. This alignment can help generate powerful insights. When MindDiscovery®—BCG’s qualitative-insights technique—is used in the right situation and for the right purpose, it generates deeper and more actionable insights than traditional focus groups.

MindDiscovery® is a proprietary approach featuring consumer workshops that make extensive use of psychologically derived projective techniques. The diversity of stimuli and forms of expression help alleviate many shortcomings of traditional focus groups. MindDiscovery® avoids the limits of verbal expression, lowers social barriers, maintains a spectrum of views, and fosters creativity.

It is particularly powerful for research on emotional aspirations. However, by combining creative stimuli with rational exercises, it can also build hypotheses about how functional and technical elements of a product or service can deliver on an emotional promise.

Traditional Focus Groups

MindDiscovery® Workshop

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