Karuna Is a Fearless Challenger

Asia Pacific Operations Director, Mumbai

At BCG, Challengers go against expected thinking and inspire their teams to be truly innovative. Karuna is unafraid to try new things.

In a nutshell, if I have to summarize my experience, BCG has given me wings to explore the open sky of opportunities and roots to remain grounded.

Karuna Shaikh

In Karuna’s Words

I joined BCG at an interesting phase of my career, with more than 16 years of experience in large IT organizations, where I was well settled in a position of authority and responsibility. Even though I was always keen to join BCG, it seemed like a very daunting decision at that point. There were some teething challenges, but the people I worked with made all the difference. The support, independence, and flexibility BCG offered has helped me to succeed in my role. I joined as an office coordinator to head operations functions, but within a few months I also took over the Business Services Team HR position. My role has continued to evolve and offer new and exciting challenges. I have not looked back since the day I joined.

BCG provides ample opportunities to those who are willing to take up new challenges. One thing I find unique is that you are in charge of your own career. BCG allows individuals to choose their career path and find fulfillment both professionally and personally.

Over the past several years I have had various opportunities to challenge the status quo and implement new initiatives, which has been professionally enriching and satisfying. I know there is so much more that I can do and so many more ways to continue to grow.

About Karuna

Karuna holds a bachelor’s degree in commerce from University of Mumbai and an MBA in human resources from Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai. She has also done a PG in international travel and tourism and hotel management.


What did you learn in your first year on the job?

In my first year, I learned to appreciate partnership as a BCG value in every sense—and realized aligning multiple stakeholders across levels could be quite fulfilling. Every time we arrive at a final output, I look back and see the value of alignment and it reinforces what we stand for.

How has BCG helped you grow and succeed?

The tremendous support, independence, and flexibility BCG has offered me has helped me succeed. Working with like-minded colleagues in an intellectually stimulating environment brings out the best in people as they work together to achieve great things.

What characteristics do you believe define a BCGer?

A typical BCGer is someone who is self-motivated and strives for excellence, is not afraid to try new things, is always willing to lead from the front, and carries people along and sets standards.

Karuna Is a Fearless Challenger