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Our Latest Thinking on Agile

For organizations with traditional business models, agile approaches may not come naturally. But large-scale agile transformation isn’t just about how an organization works; it’s about how it thinks. Read BCG’s thought leadership on agile at scale to learn how your organization could benefit from an agile transformation—and stay competitive in the digital age.

Featured Insights

The Agile Contact Center

The Agile Contact Center

Contact centers have a reputation for frustrating customers, but they also offer a strategic opportunity for human contact. Here’s how to turn them into an asset.

The Agile Upside in a Downturn

Agile boosts companies’ flexibility, adaptability, and ability to deal with change—all qualities they need in a downturn.

Agile Works—but Are You Measuring the Impact?

Companies are investing tens of millions of dollars in agile transformations, but efforts to assess the results can go astray. Some companies have cracked the code—with astonishing results.

New New Way of Working - Collection of Publications

The New New Way of Working

A wave of change is coming that will make the way we work almost unrecognizable to today’s business leaders. To succeed, they will need to discover new ways of organizing, performing, and leading, along with new approaches to recruiting, developing, and engaging employees.

Going All In with DevOps

Going All In with DevOps

Agile software development takes you only so far. To keep pace in the digital age, you also need DevOps.

Taking the Risk Out of Digital Projects

Agile is powerful, but it isn’t suitable for every digital project. If the company’s technology architecture isn’t decoupled, or if project dependencies are high, a hybrid approach makes sense.

BCG on Agile Methodology

BCG on Agile

Simply put, agile works. But putting agile to work is no simple thing.

Scaling Up Agile at Telcos

Only a few companies have moved beyond the pilot stage so far. But telcos need to decide quickly whether to embrace agile or be left behind.

Think Your Organization Is Agile? Think Again

Think Your Organization Is Agile? Think Again

Leaders are increasingly asking themselves and others, Is our organization agile? It’s an important question—but it’s not easy to answer. Because agile has been widely adopted, leaders and teams often think they are agile, when in fact they aren’t.

Agility: Child's Play

Agility Is Child’s Play

Leaders must create a culture in which teams are encouraged to learn and strive to do their best when no one is watching, and they can accomplish this with the ultimate inspiration: children.

Agile Leadership and the Art of Letting Go

It might seem counterintuitive. But the most successful leaders don’t tightly control agile efforts, BCG’s Benjamin Rehberg explains. They create alignment around purpose, strategy, and priorities—and then they let teams go.