Working in Athens

BCG’s Athens office offers an open, flexible, and lively environment that allows staff to work on 21st century strategy while gazing at the Parthenon and reflecting on core values.

At BCG in Athens, our aspiration is to partner with clients to win in a very challenging moment for our country. We are proud to collaborate with leading organizations in key sectors of our economy. We also aim to contribute to our local community through our work with leading cultural, philanthropic, and educational foundations in Greece, and also through our concrete participation in the economic recovery efforts. Most recently, we worked together with some of the largest investors in the country and key policymakers to develop proposals on how to retain and attract large investments in Greece—a key lever for recovery in the current context of the economic crisis.

We hope you will find our site helpful in learning more about us. Welcome and thank you for your interest in our office!

Work and Culture

Our Work in Greece and Beyond

BCG in Athens, which opened in 2001, is located in one of the most ancient cities in Europe. The office has developed into a key player in the Greek consulting market, playing an active role in shaping the local economy across industries. Beyond Greece, as part of the Italy-Greece-Turkey system, the Athens team is highly involved in the broader Mediterranean and Southeastern European markets, with a mix of local and international relationships and assignments.

With Greece going through turbulent times, the Athens office is very much involved in helping clients on the ground, articulating and implementing the right strategy to win in a challenging environment.

Social impact

Also in line with the overall philosophy and mind-set of The Boston Consulting Group, the Athens team has been involved in a number of social-impact initiatives:

  • We have worked with the Stavros Niarchos Foundation, an international philanthropic organization that is funding the planning, construction, and outfitting of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center (SNFCC). SNFCC will house the Greek National Opera, the National Library of Greece, and the Stavros Niarchos Park. We have supported the Foundation in assessing the social, environmental, and economic impact on the local community, the city of Athens, and Greece during both the construction and operations phases. We also helped to develop a business plan for the organization that will run the Stavros Niarchos Park, offered a range of programs and activities in the Stavros Niarchos Park, and are providing facilities management support to the Greek National Opera and the National Library of Greece.
  • We have supported SEV (the Federation of Greek Industries), the main lobbying organization representing the interests of large enterprises in Greece. We helped SEV identify the challenges that were hindering the competitiveness of the Greek economy, developed a framework for measuring Greece’s relative position among the world’s economies, and formulated a set of specific and achievable recommendations that will help Greece and Greek businesses overcome the existing hurdles.
  • We have supported the five most important foreign Chambers of Commerce in Greece to develop a strategic plan for the development of the Greek economy. BCG Senior Partner and Managing Director Nikos Vrettos, together with distinguished Professor of Economics and IOBE Director Ioannis Stournaras, developed a comprehensive plan consisting of 123 concrete actions that can be used as a working tool by Greek policy leaders.
  • We have supported SEN/Junior Achievement, an NGO aiming to raise awareness among Greek students of economic and business matters. BCG employees are voluntarily teaching entrepreneurial and business courses to high school students.
  • BCG Partner and Managing Director Vassilis Antoniades is a member of the board of directors of the American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce, promoting American-Hellenic commercial, financial, and political relations.

After 7 years studying and working in the UK with focus on digital transformation consulting, BCG in Athens was the natural home for me to do what I love, working on really impactful digital and innovation initiatives in my country. On top, I have had the opportunity to be involved in 3 ground-breaking thought leadership articles which were published in Greece and globally.

Markos Giakoumelos

After studying and working in the energy field in Zurich for 10 years, I returned to Greece as a core member of the Energy team in the BCG office in Athens. The energy sector has grown significantly in the country over the past years. With the liberalization of electricity and gas markets, the ongoing delignitization program and the EU green deal, we expect to have many diverse and interesting projects on the topic in the coming years.

Evdokia Kaffe
Project Leader

BCG in Athens offers much more than a Greek experience in consulting. On top of a variety of meaningful projects in Europe, Middle-East and Asia, the Athens office gave me the opportunity and fully supported my decision to transfer to BCG in New York for 2 years. The combined experience from both offices goes beyond anything I could have imagined – personally and professionally. Now, I am back in Athens and I feel ready and confident to take up any challenge, domestically and internationally. Opportunities are endless with BCG in Athens!

George Rovis

After spending 11 years in 3 Universities focusing on Engineering, I was passionately seeking for an interdisciplinary springboard to bounce me on projects in a variety of industries, while keeping international and world class consulting experience at my fingertips. No need to look further than BCG in Athens, where in less than 3 years, I have worked in challenging and groundbreaking projects in 12 different industries, spanned across 8 countries!

Evangelos Avgoulas

BCG in Athens has helped me learn more about myself, grow as a professional, and discover the world. In the first four years of my career, I worked in 15 countries, travelled to 35 and completed an MBA sponsored by BCG at INSEAD Singapore.

Thanos Petkakis

Joining BCG in Athens back in 2017, the experience has by far exceeded my expectations. Having the opportunity to work in multiple industries, tackling problems from market entry strategy to mitigating crisis impact, across 10 countries and 3 continents has grown me both personally and professionally! I cannot think of another place with so many opportunities to shape your career at an international level.

Giorgos Christakis

The Athens office brings the best of two worlds together – a small office that gives you the chance to have great exposure even early on & feel the family like atmosphere among co-workers, while being backed by the large multinational firm that offers you incredible opportunities to look across boarders and collaborate with people all over the world. Being originally from Germany, I am grateful to feel at home in Greece!

Dominique Haferkamp

Experiences such as working in London, Moscow, Riyadh, Milan, Venice, Cyprus, Dubai and Athens, and attending training sessions in Barcelona, Milan and Copenhagen, all in the span of 1.5 years, are a testament of how BCG Athens has more than overdelivered on its promise: working in a challenging yet stimulating environment, alongside intellectually curious colleagues while also combining one’s passion for travelling.

Ioanna Krontira

Transitioning to consulting at BCG in Athens, after completing my PhD in the UK, has allowed me to apply my skillset in a business environment while working on projects with powerful real-world impact. I was warmly welcomed by a vibrant, tight-knit team of individuals and was given significant responsibility from day one as well as a motivating environment in which to learn and develop.

Charikleia Kaffe

BCG Athens office stands for teamwork; The belonging and common path to excellence that creates bonds one could difficult break. This community of diverse yet brilliant people, able to think out of the box and come up with the most innovative solution as one. Through the years, I have worked with so many colleagues, both at local and international level who contributed enormously to my career trajectory. Leading my team now, I am privileged to do the same.

Efi-Sofia Sarlani
Manager & Office Coordinator


Consultant Recruiting