Marcus Is a Courageous Challenger

Platinion Consultant, Hamburg

At BCG, Challengers go against expected thinking and inspire their teams to be truly innovative. Marcus has the courage to take action.

The best part of working at BCG Platinion is having the liberty to define your role and the team effort to strive for the best solution for the client.

Marcus Putz

In Marcus’s Words

My background is in business engineering with a focus on software engineering. After working in the startup world for a few years, I decided to work in an equally challenging environment. At BCG, the client’s questions and challenges I’m facing require me to use my whole spectrum of technical and interpersonal skills. For example, during one week, I’ll be implementing a prototype for a cloud migration strategy, and in the next week, I’ll be leading a ten-person client team through a set of complex topics. It’s this huge diversity of tasks and responsibilities that makes my work at BCG Platinion so enjoyable.

About Marcus

Marcus holds a diploma in business engineering from the Hamburg University of Technology.

How do you get to utilize your unique skill set within a team?

Working on a team made up of different individual strengths and skill sets is an excellent opportunity for me to improve my own work while inspiring others to do the same. This is especially important in an ever-changing digitized world where technology and best practice evolve at an accelerated pace.

What do you like most about your job?

One of the best parts of working at BCG Platinion is the extensive responsibility and accountability the client and your team place on you from day one. Combined with the trust in your analysis, this fosters an environment for personal growth and success.

What did you learn in your first year on the job?

Before working at BCG Platinion, I valued the message or analysis more than the many different ways I can communicate a message. The people I’ve worked with at BCG Platinion and the experiences I’ve had have helped me develop a broad set of new capabilities I can use to convey my ideas. This has helped me deliver better work results for our clients and for BCG Platinion.

What are some of your favorite things to do outside of the office?

Besides having friends over to prepare a splendid menu, I like to go snowboarding in the winter season and I enjoy being out on the water for kitesurfing in the summer months. During the week, I prepare for triathlon swimming and running. Taking my bike on a plane each week would be too much of a hassle.

How would you describe the BCG community?

At BCG Platinion, people’s doors (and email inboxes) are always open. Everyone is welcoming, has a can-do attitude, and supports you in finding answers to your questions.

Marcus Is a Courageous Challenger