Vishi Is a Collaborative Pioneer

Platinion Consultant, Washington, DC

At BCG, Pioneers have the courage to take action on unique insights. They share and activate ideas that enable our clients to gain the competitive edge. Vishi empowers and inspires others.

I love meeting new people, and one of my favorite things about BCG is the effort put into organizing events that allow us to broaden our network and get to know our colleagues, such as tours of local breweries, diversity retreats, community service days, and family weekends—to name just a few!

Vishi Chopra

In Vishi’s Words

I started off my career working in the federal technology-consulting space, which was a wonderful learning experience for someone fresh out of college. But over time, I began to crave more variety in my work life. I knew I wanted to continue engaging with digital projects. But at the same time, I wanted to gain experience doing strategy work and helping businesses transform in a continuously evolving tech space. BCG Platinion provided me with a platform for exploring ways to merge business and technology to create value and impact for clients.

Being able to solve challenging problems every day and do what I love has been thrilling. But even more exciting is being part of the culture of learning that the firm continually fosters. During my first case, I realized that it’s people that make BCG such a reputable firm. From the partners on the case to my fellow consultants, everyone on my team has always been supportive, helpful, respectful, and nothing short of family. Perhaps that is why no matter where I’m working, I don’t feel too homesick!

About Vishi

Vishi holds a bachelor of science in biochemistry from Virginia Tech and a master of science in health informatics from George Mason University.

Why did you choose to work at BCG Platinion?

I wanted to surround myself with people who are the best at what they do. I strongly believe in the quote, “If you are the smartest person in the room, then you are in the wrong room.” At this point in my career, I wanted to be able to interact with people from various backgrounds and skill sets so that I can start to find my niche. The most exciting part about getting a new case is the diversity my new team brings, especially when the project has a mixture of Platinion, BCG, Digital Ventures, and so forth—because each of these segmentations has different working styles and expertise.

What do you like most about your job?

I get to step out outside of my comfort zone in various ways almost every day. This is not to say it wasn’t challenging at first to come in to work and be presented with a new problem that I suddenly had to tackle. But I eventually learned that it’s all about having a positive attitude. BCG taught me how to handle curveballs at my job, but I apply those lessons in my daily life as well.

What are some of your favorite things to do outside of the office?

This might seem a bit clichéd for a consultant, but I do enjoy traveling and immersing myself in the culture of new places. This probably comes from the fact that my family moved around when I was young, and I had to quickly adapt to where I was. I’ve also recently started learning to play the guitar and am an avid Netflix fan.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to work at BCG?

I would say be proactive and reach out to recruiters, BCG employees, or BCG alumni. When I was looking for opportunities, I contacted one of the BCG recruiters via LinkedIn and requested if I could ask a couple of questions about the firm. That led me to find out about BCG Platinion. After learning about Platinion’s capabilities from people who work there, I realized what a great opportunity this could be for me.

What was one of your favorite case experiences?

One of my most recent cases required me to think about what the customer journeys would look like for the oil and gas industry five to ten years from now and how evolving technological, socioeconomic, and cultural trends would affect that. It was really interesting, because my job for a couple weeks basically involved imagining what our future would be and sketching that out. I loved having the chance to let my imagination run a little wild and to think abstractly. I now have a truckload of knowledge about topics like autonomous cars, artificial intelligence, urbanization, and sustainability to share.

Vishi Is a Collaborative Pioneer