Digital Transformation in Machinery & Industrial Automation

Digital attackers in the form of software players, telcos, start-ups, and front-running machine builders and component suppliers are entering the production equipment space. Their entry is challenging the traditional role of machine builders as manufacturers of hardware-centric production equipment. Machine builders and automation specialists will win in digitization only if they embrace it completely.

The Center for Digital in Machinery's holistic approach to digital transformation ensures that every function in a company moves toward the same goal.

A Holistic Approach to Digital Transformation for Machinery & Industrial Automation

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to digital transformation. Every machine builder, automation specialist, and component supplier will have a different entry point and a different path to achieve the targeted vision.

But no matter where a company finds its starting point, BCG’s Center for Digital in Machinery will help develop a customized solution. Starting with a collaborative exploration of the art of the possible, we work together to target the client’s digital future and to eliminate bottlenecks in the value chain by creating an end-to-end digital transformation. Our experts help a company move from conceptualization to pilot initiatives—and finally on to full-scale implementation.

Our teams translate our jointly developed ideas to establish a new digital mindset and drive sustainable growth and value.

The Five Principles of Digital Transformation in Machinery & Industrial Automation

The Center for Digital in Machinery uses five principles to create significant impact. 

  1. Bold. Drive real, transformational change to achieve an ambitious vision. 
  2. 360 Degrees. Create a multidisciplinary delivery team to jointly shape the future of your company. 
  3. Agile. Establish new ways of working that balance quality and speed. 
  4. Hands-On. Go beyond the surface and deep dive into your key processes to get to the core of your business. 
  5. Value Focus. Unlock value early on and stay focused on substantial opportunities. 

Leveraging Key Industry Trends

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is the driving force for disruptive changes in industrial production. The global megatrend opens a $250 billion global opportunity across industries and technical layers, providing enormous growth potential but also challenges for any machine builder, automation specialist, or component supplier. Critical to success is the rapid build-up of advanced software capabilities and the adoption of new software architectures.

BCG works alongside clients in the machinery and automation industry to develop and deliver advanced information technologies. We collaborate with leading research institutes to capture the greatest value unleashed by the latest software trends, architectures, and commercial products.

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