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A data explosion that doesn’t generate revenue growth. Ongoing market consolidation. Value migration. Rapidly changing business models. Technology disruption. It’s all changing the face of the telecommunications industry. Providers who can safely navigate these waters and keep value-based growth top of mind will emerge as winners, regardless of their size, maturity, or geographic location. How? By purposefully overhauling their operating models and focusing on growth beyond the core.

Intelligent technology is bringing constant change to telcos. What will the impact be on business and society?

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Sometimes the only way to overcome organizational barriers to transformation is to try something completely unorthodox. Take a look at how the Campus Approach mobilizes the entire organization and fosters long-term planning.

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With a reformulated pricing and sales strategy, a telecommunications provider was able to maintain annual profits that otherwise would have been lost due to deregulation.

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Vaishali Rastogi

Managing Director & Senior Partner; Global Leader, Technology, Media, & Telecommunications

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