Solutions That Foster Transformation

Whether it’s boosting sales, evaluating partnerships and alliances, or expanding products and services, industry-proven solutions can help operators determine what makes sense and how to achieve their goals.

BCG works with telecommunications companies around the world to set their strategic direction through forming a CEO agenda, TSR strategy, and portfolio strategy, in addition to responding to regulation. We also support a number of other topics, such as:

  • B2C growth, including fixed-mobile convergence, pricing and data monetization, churn reduction, second brand/mobile-virtual network operator, and over-the-top
  • B2B growth, including information and communications technology, machine to machine/Internet of Things, and vertical solutions
  • B2C customer experience, such as connected channels, deep consumer insight, human-centered design, and return on market investment
  • B2B salesforce excellence
  • Productivity initiatives, including Lean Plus, operating model, outsourcing, procurement, and business support system/operations support system transformation
  • Network leadership, including value-based network deployment, spectrum strategy, network innovation, and network operations excellence.

Supporting these programs is a strong transformation capability that includes our tools in the Campus Approach, roadmapping, Smart Simplicity, and postmerger integration.

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