The London Black Network

Attracting the best black talent to BCG and ensuring BCG is the most welcoming environment.

The Mission

We are committed to increasing the ethnic diversity of our firm so that we can continue to bring a strong international outlook to advising global businesses.

Our Programme

The London Black Network is a strong community that meets for informal lunches once a month to chat, discuss questions, and plan for future events.

We have an informal mentorship programme for those who would like to discuss more personal topics in a one-on-one environment.

We organise master classes in which inspirational leaders from the black community talk to us about their achievements.

We team up with the external agency, Rare, which works with black students from top universities. Together, we run many events and sessions, most notably our Consult Programme, which is a practical workshop that gives students insight into consulting work.

We also have a long-term partnership with diversity recruitment group Rare, which was founded in 2005 to support minority candidates in securing graduate positions in top-tier firms and help companies recruit diverse talent. We have implemented Rare's Contextual Recruitment System (CRS), providing BCG’s recruiters with a range of standardised data on candidates’ economic background and personal circumstances. This allows BCG to make more informed choices about candidates by considering the context in which their academic achievements have been gained compared to a candidate's schooling and background.