Diversity Drivers: Leadership and Diversity in the UK and Ireland

An external network and forum of D&I champions committed to advancing diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

The Mission

BCG’s purpose is to unlock the potential of those who advance the world.

In that spirit, BCG Diversity Drivers is a network of leaders in the UK and Ireland who demonstrate success in accelerating diversity and inclusion within businesses, institutions, and society more broadly.

These leaders are a part of a select community who all have a multiyear track record of promoting diversity and inclusion and have led the improvement of the recruitment, advancement, or retention of underrepresented minorities in their companies, or who have established an inclusive culture with measurable results.

Contact us to nominate a Diversity Driver from your network or organisation.


Diversity Driver Downloads

Our Diversity Drivers are committed to not only driving impact within their own spheres of influence but also helping others to do the same. Our Diversity Driver Downloads series showcases the unique approach our Drivers have taken within their own organisations to accelerate diversity and inclusion.

We apply our consulting power to codify best practices and enable others to learn from the best. These step-by-step guides enable other organisations to build their own capabilities from the Drivers’ achievements, helping improve diversity and inclusion across UK businesses—from large multinational companies with dedicated diversity and inclusion teams to small startups with limited resources.


Scaling and Formalising an LGBTQ+ Network

Geff Parsons, now managing director at Macquarie, saw very few LGBTQ+ people bringing their whole selves to work earlier in his career. Galvanized by the statistic that 62% of university graduates go back in the closet when they start working, Geff launched the Pride network at Macquarie, which reaches out to all LGBTQ+ characteristics. He also started an programme of events and communications for allies, as well as policy initiatives, mentoring programmes, and recruitment drives.


How to Build a Robust Gender Diversity Network from Scratch

Sarah Carroll, managing director at MUFG, has more than 30 years’ experience in corporate banking. She became passionate about gender diversity in the industry after feeling that there was a ceiling for women during her early career. This download is for any company wanting to build inclusion as a key pillar of its culture by launching a network.


Empowering BAME Professionals to Achieve Career Fulfillment and Success

Bukola Adisa, founder of Career Masterclass and former managing director at Barclays, has been passionate about social justice since childhood. She moved to the UK from Nigeria in 2006 and has since been heavily involved in advancing BAME diversity. This download is for those looking to set up a training programme for diverse groups of employees, or to empower grassroots initiatives.


Developing Women’s Initiatives in a Global Organisation

Charmian Caines, managing director and senior partner in our Consumer and Retail practice, became motivated to develop women’s initiatives after noticing an absence of women in leadership early during her career. Since then, she has been a pioneer for part-time working models and created several initiatives to support and retain female talent. This download is for any global company wanting to build an inclusive culture, retain female talent, and develop strong female leadership.

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