Women@BCG within the UK

Committed to increasing the number, success, visibility and satisfaction of women within the firm.

The Mission

Woman@BCG are committed to increasing the number, success, visibility and satisfaction of women within the firm, with a focus on women in the UK. In London, we have an evolving series of initiatives across the organisation that bring focus to these objectives, allowing our women to chart their own path and fulfill their potential.

Our Programme

Recruiting. We host a number of tailored events and other initiatives across each of our recruiting channels to make consulting more accessible to women and to equalise the gender ratio of our applicant pool.

Mentorship. Every woman has the opportunity to be paired with a more senior mentor and both sides are supported to make the relationship impactful. In addition, we have nominated senior women to advise on particular topics such as maternity and building your brand.

Affiliation. We run events for each consulting cohort throughout the year, with special summer and winter events for all of Women@BCG. We actively encourage teams to form based on topics (such as Women@Gamma and Women in Tech).

Flexible working. We provide more flexible working options, allowing women to manage their work-life balance and make BCG sustainable and satisfying for the long term.

Thought leadership. We drive research, BCG opinion and advice for clients and the wider society on women in the workplace (for example Making the Workplace Work for Dual-Career Couples and Why Women-Owned Startups Are a Better Bet).

We also work closely with our European and global colleagues by attending annual conferences and partnering on initiatives.

You can also view our Women in Tech page to find out more about how our women are shaping the digital agenda.

Thought Leadership


Measuring What Matters in Gender Diversity

Companies won’t have balanced workforces unless they approach diversity like any other business priority, with clear metrics to understand the gaps and targeted interventions to fix them.