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Killer Apps and the Game-Changing Potential of AI

Recent headlines tout the high-profile victories of computer over man in the gaming arena. But can artificial intelligence give companies a strategic advantage? Irving Wladawsky-Berger discusses the evolution of AI, emerging killer apps, and how companies can capitalize on these technologies to gain a strategic advantage.

Corporations Need New Approaches to Strategy

BCG's Martin Reeves continues his discussion of Your Strategy Needs a Strategy with Knowledge@Wharton. One crucial takeaway: how a leader can use multiple strategic approaches across one organization. Watch the K@W interview with Martin talking about the "strategy palette" and implications for leadership.


Martin Reeves is a frequent contributor to social media and elsewhere on the topic of how companies can navigate the future of strategy. Themes include the range of potential strategy traps, lessons for leaders, inventing the future, and methods for learning and unlearning.

The app for Your Strategy Needs a Strategy revolves around the strategy palette’s five different approaches to strategy. Building on the book, the app simulates the five business environments through the example of selling lemonade in New York City’s five boroughs. It’s a competition, and your opponent, BCG founder Bruce Henderson, knows what it takes to win in each environment. Download the app to find out if you have the strategy it takes to beat him.

Your Strategy Needs a Strategy app

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