BCG London Recruiting Process

When to apply?

MBA Students

If you are an MBA student, you should refer to our school pages for Full Time and Summer Internship application deadlines and processes. If your school doesn’t have set dates, you can apply online at any time by clicking here.

Undergraduate, Masters or PhD Students

Are you currently an Undergraduate, Masters or PhD student in your final year? Or have you graduated from one of these degrees in the last two years? If so, you should refer to our school pages for Full Time application deadlines and processes.

Students in their penultimate year are eligible to apply for a summer internship by submitting their application in January of their penultimate year of a Bachelor/PhD/combined Bachelor and Masters degree, or in their first year of a two-year full-time Masters degree (with less than two years of full-time work experience post Bachelor degree). Applications can be submitted by clicking here.

Experienced Professionals

BCG London actively hires new consultants from a wide range of different industries and backgrounds. We look for experienced professionals who are able to demonstrate excellent analytical and interpersonal skills that make the most successful consultants. Each individual is assessed on their own merits and we count former doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, brand managers, engineers, Armed Forces personnel, actors and academics among our current London staff.

We also recruit into a number of our industry and functional practices: Technology Advantage, Operations, Telecommunications, Marketing and Sales, Capital Markets, Private Equity etc. Individuals hired into the Expert Career Track (ECT) bring value to BCG through deep expertise, usually gained either in industry, academia or specialized consulting.

If you are an experienced professional with more than two years of continuous work experience, you can apply at any time of the year by clicking here.

How to apply?

You will be required to submit an online application form including a resume and a cover letter. You can select up to three office choices in order of preference. Each office you select will have an opportunity to review your application for their interview process.

What do we look for in an application?

Each application should meet our minimum academic requirements of AAB at A-Levels or equivalent and a First or 2:1 at university (expected or received), or equivalent, in any discipline. Please mention grades and any scholarship, prizes, publications, presentations at conferences or awards received.

In addition to academics records, we are looking for extensive extra-curricular activities to demonstrate evidence of impact and legacy, significant contribution, high level of commitment, initiative and responsibility. Extra-curricular activities could be involvement in one activity to a high level or it could include teaching assignments or organizing seminars.

We are also looking for an impressive record of work experience, be it business related (banking, consulting, retail etc.) or other (this can include community projects and NGO work). We are seeking motivated individuals who can showcase a high level of impact in the roles they have held and a strong career trajectory.

What happens next?

You should expect to hear back within 3 weeks after submitting your application, unless you are applying as part of the MBA or milkround campaign, in which case you will hear back after the deadline.

If you are selected to interview with BCG London, the specific interview processes may vary according to your background. Typically, there are two to three rounds of case interviews, with one to two separate interviews in the first round and two to three additional interviews in the second round.

Each interview is divided into three parts: personal background, consideration of a case study, and an opportunity for the applicant to ask questions about us. Please refer to our interview process page for more information.