Nicholas Goad

Nicholas Is an Imaginative Seeker

You will find people at BCG who sees your strengths more clearly than yourself and shows you how to apply them to create enormous and lasting change in the world.

Nick Goad

In Nick’s Words

Since my first day as an Associate, BCG has provided me with an enormous breadth of experiences, including working abroad in Australia and London, solving difficult problems across ten different industries, and building a global network of hundreds of colleagues. During my time here, I have found that my greatest source of personal satisfaction is helping others succeed.

I have always found BCG to be a place where I am rewarded for helping others, and that is what has kept me here to this day. My success in leading teams has been driven primarily by my willingness to mentor those coming up the learning curve. My impact with clients has come from my ability to embed new skills in client teams. And my impact with the LGBT Network has come from investing in personal mentoring relationships and helping people navigate their own careers thoughtfully.

About Nick

Nick holds a BS, magna cum laude, in finance and public policy and management from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, with minors in mathematics and French. Outside of work, he serves on the governing board for Arena Stage, a top regional theater company devoted to American works.


How has the LGBT Network helped you in your BCG career?

The LGBT Network has helped me understand a cross-section of the firm, as the Network is as diverse as BCG itself. I have made friends across tenures, industries, geographies, and backgrounds from the start of my career because of the Network.

When did you know you belonged at BCG?

I knew from the first day I was at a client site. The excitement of working in a big room with so many other motivated and talented people, the challenge of learning so much about something so new so quickly, and the positive encouragement and support from my managers and team—I knew this would be where I could stay motivated and learn for some time.

What international experiences at BCG have been the most interesting for you?

Moving to Sydney for a year with my husband was a great professional experience. More importantly, it allowed us to explore life together outside our own comfort zone. We learned so much about each other during that year, and we came back home having shared so many new experiences together. It was a life-defining moment we would not have had without BCG's support.