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Joining BCG with an Advanced Degree

Why is consulting at BCG a good fit for person with an advanced degree (PhD or Medic)? Diversity of perspective from multiple disciplines is essential to our process, and your experience will allow you to approach problems and work through challenges in a new way. At BCG, you will work with and learn from leaders from a variety of backgrounds and have numerous opportunities for personal and professional growth—within or outside your current area of expertise. On-the-job experience, combined with extensive training and mentorship programs, will help you develop new skills and succeed in the consulting world and beyond.

Make an Immediate Impact

Academic and research work has a long time horizon, and Medics may desire to have an impact on a larger scale. As a consultant at BCG, you'll see your insights come to life in front of your eyes. Your intellectual curiosity, creativity, and problem-solving skills will add invaluable perspective to our client projects—perspective that can drive product innovations and business process breakthroughs. BCG encourages you to have the courage to act on your insights, regardless of how complex the situation may be.

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Success Through Collaboration

It's pretty simple: we want to help our clients and each other succeed. At BCG, collaboration is at the heart of our work. We don't work on clients, we work with our clients to gain insights into their unique situations and figure out what needs to be done. You'll connect with a diverse and broad set of backgrounds—including business, engineering, economics, science, and the humanities—put together on teams that are tailored for each client. When we ask our clients for feedback, the number one thing they most frequently highlight is our collaborative approach.

Join a Legacy of Innovation

BCG facilitates and emphasizes a culture of innovation—and a passion to challenge the status quo. Through initiatives like the BCG Henderson Institute, the Center for Customer Insight, the Centre for Public Impact, the Center for Health Care Value, new businesses such as Digital Ventures, and partnerships with TED, we continue this tradition of pioneering new and innovative ideas that reshape the competitive landscape, influencing the way business leaders think and adding value to society.

I loved the time spent on my PhD, but I also felt I was getting too focused on a very narrow, theoretical subject. I joined consulting looking for breadth and exposure to the "real" world – I certainly got it!"

Eleonora Zanderigo

I didn't realise it at the time, but my PhD taught me to be self-sufficient, to come up with creative solutions to difficult problems and to communicate my findings clearly and concisely. I've found all of these skills helpful in making the transition to BCG

Simon Sprague
Project Leader


BCG actively recruits passionate, open-minded, and accomplished people from around the world. Are we the right fit for you?

Supportive Environment, Sustainable Career

At BCG, we believe there is a better way to work. Our global PTO (predictability, teaming, and open communication) program increases work predictability and career sustainability through optimizing the case team experience. Flexibility@BCG enables you to attain your professional and personal goals through enhanced work options and the ongoing support to manage them.

Accelerate Your Career with Many Options

Whether you want to focus on your current expertise or explore a new field, your experiences at BCG will enable you to propel your career forward. You may pursue our traditional consulting path toward becoming a partner at BCG, or you may consider our expert career track, applying your specialized knowledge to the complex client challenges we tackle. Whatever you choose to do, our individualized mentorship combined with in-depth and innovative training & development programs will help you increase your personal effectiveness at BCG and beyond—like our many successful alumni.

After joining the London office, AD hires enjoy four weeks of global trainings within the first year alone. This culminates in the Business Essentials Programme, specifically designed to help solidify core business principles for those with an academic background.

Experience Global Business Firsthand

There are tremendous international opportunities available to you in your career at BCG. More than 25% of our consultants work outside their home countries every year, and about half work in global teams led and staffed by BCGers from other parts of the world. Working abroad takes many forms at BCG: global Ambassador programs, which staff early-career consultants in a different country's office for up to a year; cross-office projects; office transfers; and secondments, where you work for up to a year at a client or with our global social impact partners.

BCGers with Advanced Degrees

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