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Both Incumbents and Startups Can Take Advantage of Trends—and Thrive

How can technology companies thrive in an increasingly instrumented, intelligent, and instant market? Incumbents face the challenges of agile transformation and the threat of disruption. Startups face long odds for achieving significant market share. Successful companies innovate in continuous-release software development, omnichannel customer engagement, and flexible supply chains. They also strengthen core disciplines such as capital allocation, productivity, and pricing. These trends determine who wins—and who gets left behind.

The successful company of the future will blend human and technological capabilities.

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Tech companies are at a turning point. What will the digital future hold?

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By the end of 2016, SaaS represented 25% of the total enterprise software market. It is expected to reach 40% by 2021—a significant milestone to achieve in such a short period of time.

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Business model innovation is necessary for survival at key inflection points in the evolution of technology.

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Nokia has dramatically and successfully reinvented itself several times during its 150-year history. Its most recent transformation may be the company’s most radical yet.

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Vaishali Rastogi

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