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Optimizing the Network

Getting the most value from your network takes much more than installing the most advanced equipment. It requires the right mix of products and services, and that means taking market requirements and local geography into account.

It also requires a close look at existing infrastructure, as in the case of emerging markets that have a much less pervasive presence of fixed networks, fiber, and spectrum. And it means finding a way to address exploding data volumes and increasing customer demand for faster connectivity. These challenges are placing major demands on mobile network investments in every market, and they require telcos to take a new approach to how they optimize their networks.

Our approach combines analysis, revenue and cost forecasting, geoanalytics, multi-technology networks, and detailed demand modeling, all of which are fine-tuned for your specific requirements. We help providers understand costs at the most detailed level, right down to how many meters of cable they need and what it will cost to dig a trench. The result is a recommendation for the quickest and least expensive way to launch or expand specific services to your customers.

Four Areas to Consider

There are four key topics that are addressed in BCG’s approach to building value-optimized networks:

  1. Deployment Objectives. How do customers perceive network quality? What could drive a change in customer perception? What are our differentiating objectives—by market, geography, or customer segment?
  2. Network Planning. Where should we invest next—by base station location or network element? Which technology should we focus on? Where should we accelerate investments? Where should we freeze or cut spending?
  3. Marketing and Sales. How do we script propositions, marketing campaigns, and sales focus? Where should we focus commercial investments?
  4. Capability Build. How do we roll out capabilities beyond pilot markets? Can we enable the organization to redo network planning on a quarterly or semiannual basis? Should we change the way that more than 100 people across the organization work? Is there a way to create a tighter link between marketing, sales, and network investment?
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