Working in Paris

When you join BCG’s Paris office, you will work for the strategy consulting leader in France and one of The Boston Consulting Group's most prominent offices. Created in 1973, it is also the largest office in our network, with a team of 400 consultants, out of which there are about 50 partners and managing directors. Our growth has been steady, and we play an instrumental role in developing BCG in Europe, Northern Africa, and Israel.

Charting New Courses

The Paris office has always been an important platform for BCG innovation. For instance, we are currently developing all the capabilities and tools that will enable our clients to capture the opportunities linked to the digital revolution. Although the global economy is facing a major transformation of its growth and operations models, our digital expertise notably focuses on big data and analytics and supports the changes in the organization, value chain, and offerings of companies. In the industrial goods sector, factories 4.0 use digital tools and reinvent processes. We play an active part in this fourth industrial revolution, and with École CentraleSupélec, we have created an experimental factory 4.0 in the greater Paris region (Essone).

This will to chart new courses for change—the true hallmark of BCG in the strategy consulting environment—is very present in Paris. Some of our experts have thus achieved international recognition, publishing reference books and initiating innovative concepts. The Smart Simplicity concept, developed by Yves Morieux, offers the key to a new organizational paradigm that breaks with the former Taylorist model. His TED videos have already been seen by more than 4 million people.

Expanding Horizons

We believe in the importance of experience sharing and an intellectual approach that is open to the world. That is why we regularly invite business personalities, journalists, entrepreneurs, sociologists, researchers, and political scientists to the office. These high-level meetings are an opportunity for discussions about topical issues that impact the business world and society at-large, as well as a chance to develop networks and creativity.

Engaging with the Community Through Skills-Based Sponsorship

Civic engagement is part of the Paris office's values. We have developed quality relationships with associations and cultural institutions and provide them with our expertise on social impact missions. Among our initiatives, the Social Entrepreneur Prize that we co-organize with the Schwab Foundation every year has become a major event of the social and community enterprise world. Since 2007, laureates have been benefiting from tremendous media exposure and strategy consulting support from BCG. In 2016, as part of that prize, we undertook a consultation of students and alumni of the French Grandes Écoles (major French business and engineering schools) and published a report, "Talents: ce qu'ils attendent de leur emploi" (Talent: What people expect from their jobs).

Promoting Diversity

The Paris office takes action in the diversity field, both in its recruiting and career development policies and in outside events. Gender equality and female leadership are among our top priorities. In order to give momentum to our related initiatives, we created the Women’s Initiative network in 2006. The Paris office, in cooperation with the women’s networks of the French Grandes Écoles and the Baker & McKenzie firm, launched a series of conferences on women’s leadership. Those events have provides valuable insights and experience sharing to young working women. BCG in Paris also makes meaningful contributions within key worldwide organizations, as was the case for eight years with the Women's Forum.

BCG's LGBT community is now fully structured, and BCG assumes a pioneering role in this matter in the consulting world. In 2016, we published the results of a pulse-check on the LGBT community and the professional environment (baromètre sur la communauté LGBT et la sphère professionnelle).

Sharing Differently

The quality of our assignments mostly relies on hard work and team cohesion. Beyond "formal" assignments, the Paris office offers many opportunities to develop team spirit, get to know one another better, share common values, and bond. Every month, all office members gather at lunch time to exchanges news on BCG. There are also many more informal and festive meetings: parties, predinner drinks, and Friday drinks that end every single week. Art, theater, music, and enology lovers organize events and can share their passions and interests. Last, sports are part of office life. Many of us play tennis and squash; others run, box, or skydive. A gym is available on our premises.


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