BrightHouse is a BCG company and a global creative consultancy. We help organizations uncover their timeless purpose—the reason they exist—so they can grow their people, profits, and social impact.

With the birth of BrightHouse in 1995, we became the first creative consultancy designed to uncover an organization’s purpose. We created a whole new methodology to harness the power of purpose to transform, as well as revolutionary frameworks for leadership, marketing, and innovations. We soon discovered that some ideas are better than others, the biggest of which is what we call your master idea: a memorable story that articulates your purpose, along with a single, simple phrase that acts as a rallying cry. Why is a master idea so important? Because it leads to bigger profits that also profit the world.


As a pioneer in the field of purpose, we have helped companies like Procter & Gamble, McDonald’s, KPMG, and American Express discover and articulate the more meaningful roles they can play in the world, then helped them activate and embed their purposes within their organizations.

In 2015, we became an independent business division of The Boston Consulting Group (BCG). Together, we’re the only resource for full purpose-driven transformation. We offer clients a range of creative and strategic thinking—from insights, actions, branding, films, and more.