Enhancing the Online Customer Experience

BCG’s Omnichannel Shop Experience Audit divides the customer journey into five important steps. These steps are further segmented across 30 dimensions, with more than 400 checkpoints and 1,200 questions along the way.

Based on our experience with clients in markets around the world, we developed the Omnichannel Shop Experience Audit, a methodology to help retailers assess their current web presence in omnichannel—and identify potential improvements. The audit shows retailers how they measure up against more than 180 international benchmarks, along with those for industry peers, national averages for specific markets, and international industry best practices.

Online performance checkpoints include ease of navigation, the look and feel of a retailer’s website, the availability of product information, and checkout entry, along with customer data management across channels.

Omnichannel Shop Experience Audit

Personalizing the shopping experience—whether online, through a mobile device, or in physical locations—is the goal of every modern retailer. BCG’s Omnichannel Shop Experience Audit can help companies understand how they currently stack up against peers—and the specific steps they must address so that they can create a fully customer-centric business model.