Making a Difference: 2019 Annual Sustainability Report

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Making a Difference

BCG 2019 Annual Sustainability Report

We are putting the power of BCG to work to shape a brighter future for society, business, the planet, and its 8 billion people. We pursue these ambitions in our client work, internal operations, and role as a global citizen working with other organizations. This sustainability report outlines how we seek to achieve these goals to help shape a brighter future.


This is the right way to do business. It will bring long-term value to our people, clients, and society.

Rich Lesser
Chief Executive Officer
New York

Positively Impacting Society

It is no longer enough for businesses to view their social contributions through the lens of traditional corporate social responsibility. Stakeholders—including customers, employees, and investors alike—increasingly expect a more fundamental and intrinsic commitment to sustainability. We help clients use total societal impact, a new lens for strategy that focuses on mobilizing the full scale of a company’s assets, resources, and people to maximize their positive societal impact.


We achieve our greatest societal impact through work with clients to promote responsible business practices. Our social impact work focuses on four themes:

  • Global Development: Accelerate inclusive growth
  • Global Health: Promote healthy lives for all
  • Climate and Environment: Tackle climate change, and respect and restore nature
  • Education: Provide high-quality education and skills



We have enabled almost $2 billion in consulting on social impact in the past ten years.


We work with about half of our largest clients on social impact topics.


We developed 700 social impact projects for more than 450 organizations.


We delivered more than $500 million in social impact consulting in 2019.

Protecting Our Planet


The climate crisis is a defining and existential issue. We recognize the urgent need to reduce global emissions to net zero by 2050 and address systemic threats to our environment. To maximize our impact, we focus on three areas:

  • Partnering with our clients to drive climate action
  • Shaping the global agenda through partnerships and thought leadership
  • Managing our own environmental footprint



We worked on more than 350 climate and environment projects with more than 250 organizations in 2019.


We invested to enable almost $300 million in climate and environment consulting projects in 2019.


We achieved a 15% reduction in carbon emissions per BCG employee in 2019.


We supported 11 climate-mitigation carbon-offset projects around the globe to maintain carbon neutral company certification.

In 2019, we launched the Center for Climate Action to help the private, public, and social sectors align their strategy, operations, and stakeholder engagement with a low-carbon world.

Empowering Our People


Our success depends on our people. We seek to attract and retain the best talent, and recognize that diverse teams are high-performing teams. We invest heavily in talent acquisition, learning and development, diversity and inclusion, well-being, and safety and security.



For the sixth year in a row, BCG topped Consulting Magazine’s Best Firms to Work For list.


Women represented 43% of our global staff and 35% of our Executive Committee in 2019.


The Pride@BCG network grew by 21% in 2019.


All BCG employees can access the services outlined in our Wellbeing@BCG framework.

Our goal is to increase diversity, unlocking the potential of every BCGer and client team member. To do so, we invest in people and in the research that reveals which tools, programs, and cultural changes are necessary to deliver sustainable impact.

Matt Krentz
Managing Director & Senior Partner

Promoting Responsible Business Practices


We are committed to responsible and ethical business practices. This commitment helps fuel our success and enhances the reputational integrity both of our firm and our clients. We strive to transform business and society in collaboration with our clients and by embracing such initiatives as the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC). This sustainability report also serves as the communication of our progress with regard to the UNGC principles.



All new BCG employees receive training on ethics, bribery, corruption, information security, data privacy, and the BCG Code of Conduct.


All of our supplier contract templates now require a commitment to adhere to the BCG Supplier Code of Conduct.

Making a Difference