Software Engineer

Our software engineers develop cutting-edge and customized technologies to help our clients solve big challenges or launch a new business by leveraging their sound coding, architecture, and collaboration skills.

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What Will You Work On?

In a software engineer job, you will help our clients address challenges by developing products, services, and experiences that disrupt markets and generate significant value. You will be involved in all the components of the product development lifecycle, from idea generation to design, planning, testing, and delivering. Through work such as building web applications and cloud technologies, you will constantly learn new technologies and programming languages to meet the solution requirements.

How Will You Create Impact?

You will work with a cross-functional BCG team of engineers, designers, and product experts to develop new products and services that generate untold value to customers. You will design cutting-edge and customized technologies that will help influential global enterprises to reimagine their position in the digital space.

How Will We Help You Grow?

During your software engineer career, you will efficiently and effectively drive all the components of the product development process. Moreover, you will learn how to interact with clients, collaborate with a wide variety of technical and nontechnical professionals, and manage your own teams. You will become an expert in software development and a trusted advisor to large companies’ product development and IT departments.

Who Are We Looking For?

We are looking for experienced software engineers with excellent knowledge of software engineering best practices—including agile development, test-driven development, unit testing, code reviews, design documentation, and more. Candidates should also have experience with native or hybrid mobile development, including Android and iOS.

Our software engineers have expertise in performance-optimization techniques, object-oriented design, the building of backend applications, and the development of service-based architectures. They also have experience in technologies such as JavaScript, HTML/CSS, and Java.

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