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Explore our How to by BCG collection—a central hub of interactive briefings designed to help you turn advanced business insights into strategic action.

This collection draws on critical research and predictions to deliver tangible steps organizations can take to set themselves up for success today and in the future. Discover how BCG can help you adapt in an ever-evolving and uncertain landscape.

Featured: How to Meet Customers’ Needs in Uncertain Times

Customers’ needs and preferences are changing at lightning speed. Simply tracking sales trends is no longer sufficient to serve customers and stay competitive. Businesses need real-time insights into the nuances of customer behavior.

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How to Accelerate Digital

How to Accelerate Digital

The pandemic has forced organizations to jump-start their adoption of digital technologies. Now the task is to embed their digital approaches.

How to Protect the Planet

How to Protect the Planet

Environmental degradation is everyone’s problem. Businesses have a responsibility to take action—and will benefit from doing so.


How to Get Agile Right

Agile transformations require commitment at the CEO level. Leaders must become champions of change who visibly embrace new ways of working.


How to Harness the Power of Purpose

Purpose has the power to transform organizations, inspiring employees and boosting productivity and performance. Find out how you can help bring your company's purpose to life.

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