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Many companies lack reliable customer data and have insufficient insights into customer behavior. Explore BCG’s latest thought leadership on customer insights for underexplored growth opportunities for your business.


Customer Insights in India


India COVID-19 Consumer Sentiment Snapshot Series

BCG's Center for Customer Insight in India (CCI) shares insights related to the COVID-19 Consumer Sentiment and Behavior in India. As the COVID situation in India continues to evolve, this periodic snapshot aims to understand the impact along four key dimensions highlighted in our series.


How India Spends, Shops and Saves in the New Reality?

The advent of COVID-19 has altered the course of India’s consumption story with both access linked constraints and income uncertainty negatively impacting household consumption. This report highlights key changes about how Indian consumers are likely to spend, shop, and save in the new decade.

Customer Insight Capabilities


Profiting from Personalization

Brands that create personalized experiences for customers are already seeing rapid revenue increases. The 15% of companies that really get personalization right will capture a disproportionate share of future profits.

Consumer Sentiment

Demand-Centric Growth

Emerging Market Consumer Hot Spots

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Customer Insights