Solutions - Center for Customer Insight

BCG's Center for Customer Insight powers growth using cutting-edge tools like proprietary data on emerging-market consumers and the Brand Advocacy Index.

The Center for Customer Insight uses an arsenal of cutting-edge tools, techniques, and proprietary data sets to enrich and transform a company’s business. How? We not only drive the research and development of insights, but we use these insights to provide answers to a company’s most fundamental business questions and set it on a path to growth.

The business context and challenges of every company are unique—and so must be its approach to consumer research and insights development. As such, the Center for Customer Insight tailors its program to every client situation.

We are made up of a dedicated team of global experts, who are not only highly capable insights specialists, but who also maintain a strategic mind-set and business perspective as they translate insights into actions and tie actions directly to the company’s priorities.

Below are snapshots of just a few of the leading-edge proprietary data sets and programs that we use with clients around the world. Contact us for a tailored solution to your insights needs.

Solutions - Center for Customer Insight