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Aditya Is an Imaginative Visionary

Principal, New Jersey

At BCG, Visionaries navigate complexity with ease. They use their insight and intuition to identify the solutions that will create lasting impact. Aditya connects the dots to see the bigger picture.

At BCG, I have learned the art of managing ambiguity, which is a super powerful tool—not just at work, but in everyday life.


In Aditya’s Words

I am an engineer turned MBA turned consultant. The very first time I heard about this profession was just a few months before joining BCG. I took this career risk—as one might have called it, at the time—because of my fascination with the concept that a 20-something can sit at the same table as a 50-year-old CEO and not just influence critical decisions but also make things happen for the CEO’s company on the ground. That risk has definitely paid off for me, and the experience that I have had at BCG has been incredible.

I have been able to be a part of multiple journeys, in multiple geographies, with multiple companies, but a recent incident sums up my true belief in the aforementioned idea. Our team had been working with a large retailer on a transformation journey and my work was to define a new concept for this company, implement it in a particular zone, and take charge on ground to deliver results. It’s always an amazing feeling to be able to bring your idea to life and deliver value to the client. But what is more amazing is when, post the board presentation, the CEO asks you to stay back alongside senior leaders and be a part of discussions that are outside your project but critical for the company. That is definitely a seat at the table for a 20-something, wanting to be challenged!

About Aditya

Aditya holds a computer science engineering degree from IIIT and an MBA from IIM, Bangalore.


Q: What is a typical day like for you?

A: Currently I am working on a transformation project with a market leader that has been on a declining trajectory. I work alongside a team of six consultants, each of whom is from a different part of the world. A typical day starts at around 8:30 am at the client’s head office with the occasional travel to different parts of the country to visit the client’s and the competition’s stores. The day then progresses into a mix of client meetings, internal brainstorming sessions, number crunching marathons, and team presentations. This is followed by a team dinner planned by the CFO (chief fun officer, that is), typically the youngest team member. We generally fly back on Thursdays to spend Fridays in the home office and connect with the larger BCG family.

Q: What are some of your favorite things to do outside of the office?

A: Some of the things I am passionate about are traveling and music. BCG has encouraged me to pursue both. BCG gives you the opportunity to do a fair bit of traveling (if you want to), and as a result you rake up a lot of air miles to fund your other travel ambitions. On the music front, I am part of the BCG band that we like to call So What? We end up spending quite a few dedicated weekends in jam rooms satiating our love for music. We have also been fortunate to have a few gigs at popular live music clubs in Mumbai.

Q: If you could compare what you do with any other job, what would you say?

A: Based on my experience, I think the BCG job is like a combination of multiple jobs from multiple industries, put on steroids and compressed in time to keep you much ahead of the curve. Additionally, you have a lot of flexibility in terms of options if you want to exit at some point in time, unlike most other jobs.

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