The Rewards of an Engaged Female Workforce

Engaged employees feel a strong bond with their company and an investment in its success—a relationship that turns out to be a critical indicator of a company’s performance. But some of the world’s biggest and best-known companies are failing to sufficiently engage their employees—especially senior-level women. What can the leaders of these companies do to win the loyalty of their most promising female employees?

Engagement typically increases with rising seniority. Organizations with the highest overall engagement scores do not have a gender gap: women and men at all levels are equally engaged. But companies with lower overall engagement show a notable gender gap among employees as they rise in seniority. In other words, when companies get engagement right, everyone benefits.

Seven Areas Critical to Employee Engagement

What’s keeping people from feeling engaged at work? These are the primary problem areas, ranked by their relative importance to employees:

  1. Appreciation
  2. Work-Life Balance
  3. Cooperation and Good Relations with Colleagues
  4. Mentorship, Sponsorship, and a Strong Relationship with Managers
  5. Compensation and Promotion Opportunities
  6. Job Attributes
  7. Company Objectives and Aspirations.

Viewpoints on the Engagement Factor

Some of BCG's leading women weigh in on the importance of female engagement in the workplace:

Solutions to Implement—Starting Today

When companies take steps to keep women engaged at work, the result is not just good for women; it benefits the entire company. It’s vital for company leaders to get to the specific root causes of low engagement and determine the right solutions.

Several steps should be immediate priorities to improve overall staff engagement—and, in particular, to better engage senior-level women.

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