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Different Industries, Different Digital Solutions

Every industry confronts a digital transformation. But how it plays out and the degree of impact it has on competitive advantage will vary widely depending on the specific sector. The winners will be those companies that combine traditional industry expertise with a deep understanding of the disruptive potential of the latest technologies.

Automotive & Mobility

The automotive industry is no longer just selling cars and trucks. It is providing mobility services and entertainment spaces, and innovating software-driven, artificially intelligent autonomous vehicles. OEMs must start evolving their digital offerings and build the digital car company of the future now.

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Technology is altering to economics of education, requiring institutions at every level—primary, secondary, postsecondary, and vocational—to embrace digital transformation. The impact is significant for students too; in fact, education technology can help foster social and emotional skills.

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Energy & Environment

Digitization is essential to solving today’s energy challenges. But energy and environment companies must build their “digital muscle” in order to anticipate and embrace changes in the industry. Consider, for example, the upstream oil sector, in which digital is emerging as the path back to profitability.

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Financial Institutions

Digital transformation is reshaping customer behavior and expectations in banking. But banks are struggling to make digitization pay. To succeed, banks must adopt innovative processes and practices; use digital technology to make the customer journey simultaneously responsive and efficient; and combat new nonbank competitors as digital payments grow.

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Industrial Goods

Digital technologies and advanced analytics are also changing “old economy” sectors such as mining, construction, building materials, and paper. These companies need to craft a strategy for digital transformation now.

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Insurers require a complete customer-centric approach in order to gain—and retain—competitive advantage in today's digital environment. Begin by assessing your digital fitness. Next, stay on top of current trends in digital insurance: insurtech, smart operations, and digital innovation.

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Media & Entertainment

Media and entertainment was among the first sectors to experience the disruptive effects of digital technologies. But questions still remain: How can traditional media companies best navigate the shift from print to online media? And what are the implications for the business operating model?

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Principal Investors & Private Equity

Data and analytics have the ability to improve private equity firms’ performance along all segments of the value chain. Investors can gain a clear edge over competitors by using data analytics to better identify and assess potential investments.

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Public Sector

Effective and efficient delivery of public services is even more critical today, and in response, governments are going digital. Yet many users still experience a problem accessing digital government services. It’s up to public sector leaders to correct these issues and address new challenges such as helping create smart and safe cities with technology.

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Technology Industries & Telecommunications

TMT incumbents are competing against companies born in the digital and mobile era. TMT companies must ride the waves of innovation to succeed in the industry’s growth areas: software as a service (SaaS), AI, IoT platform wars, and cybersecurity.

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Transportation, Travel & Tourism

Digital challengers are threatening to upend the transportation, travel, and tourism industry. Traditional companies must assess their digital maturity; target the weaknesses they uncover; and capitalize on digital opportunities to create new revenue streams. Consider, for example, how industrial drones will affect the industry.

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