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Leaders in oil and gas are transforming how they operate to anticipate innovative forms of upstream energy, government regulation, and digital disruption. Explore BCG’s latest thought leadership on oil and gas for insight into the challenges and opportunities facing the industry.

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Upstream Oil & Gas


Strategies for Natural Gas & LNG

2019 Global Gas Report

This report, coproduced by BCG and the International Gas Union, assesses recent trends shaping today’s global gas industry and the factors that will affect the market in the future.

Oil & Gas in India


Efficiency to Resilience: Building Capabilities in the Oil and Gas Supply Chain for an Uncertain World

In a rapidly changing world, supply chains are faced with an ever-expanding set of risks and uncertainties. Downstream oil and gas supply chains in particular face unprecedented disruptions arising from structural complexities and a changing ecosystem. This publication with Indian Oil (India's largest refiner and oil marketing company) is a deep-dive into the key risk drivers for oil and gas supply chains and the benefits of resilience. It also provides a framework for building resilient supply chains illustrated through detailed case studies.

Energy Transitions: Adapting to the New Normal of the Changing World

While the global energy system is witnessing progressive transformation , the report focuses on the various challenges that global oil and gas firms are facing which are questioning the sector’s business operations. However it tries to present some possible solutions to meet the growing global energy demand with reduced emissions; some options that companies may consider as they prepare to be part of a world with net zero emissions by 2050.

Decentral energy and DISCOMs – can they co-exist?

While the Indian Power Sector recently achieved the distinguished feat of 100 percent household electrification, ensuring cheap and reliable power 24X7 to all its consumers is a great challenge. Despite making significant progress, long power cuts are still the norm for select states and districts in India. In this backdrop, emerging technologies pertaining to distributed energy systems are gaining momentum across the country. While such systems have the potential to empower customers to move towards self-sufficiency, they are also perceived as a significant threat by DISCOMs.

Digital In Power

The Indian power sector is evolving rapidly through changes in regulations, demand and technology. While the sector has seen strong growth and improved accessibility, challenges still remain across the value chain. Generating assets are increasingly faced with margin pressures owing to raw material volatility (for thermal assets) and increased competition (for renewables).

Downstream: Refining & Petrochemicals

Strategies in Fuel Commercialization


Is There a Future for Service Stations?

Powerful forces—including the rise of electric vehicles and changing consumer expectations—are buffeting fuel retailers. Companies must adapt or risk becoming irrelevant.

Commodity Trading & Risk Management

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