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Our Latest Thinking on Media and Entertainment

The rise of digital in entertainment has fueled the transformation of television and print, permanently changing how advertisers reach their audiences and how media companies around the world operate. Explore BCG’s latest thought leadership on media and entertainment to learn more.

Featured Insights

2020 TMT Value Creators Report | Collection | Technology, Media, and Telecommunications

The 2020 TMT Value Creators Report

After achieving remarkable success in the 2010s, top performers in technology, media, and telecommunications face the challenge of maintaining their impressive trajectory in a volatile and highly competitive market.

BCG on Technology, Media, and Telecommunications

Disruptive technologies and convergences of digital thinking are revolutionizing the Technology, Media, and Telecommunications industries.

Media and Entertainment in India

The Trillion (and growing) Touchpoint Story: Recognizing the monetization conundrum

The Trillion (and growing) Touchpoint Story: Recognizing the monetization conundrum

Indian Media & Entertainment industry has many feathers in its cap – be it the role in the economy of our country (direct impact of over INR 1.6 Lakh Crore in 2019 alone, employing over 5 million people, both directly and indirectly) or successfully being at the forefront of digital revolution witnessing disruptions almost on a daily basis. The report seeks to outline some of the critical areas which can enhance the value delivered to stakeholders disproportionately helping structure the imperatives and spark actions for new tomorrow which is better than today.

CII-BCG One Consumer, Many Interactions

CII-BCG One Consumer, Many Interactions

Media consumption in India is growing much faster than US and China creating up to a trillion interactions with consumers per annum. However, it's only getting started - there is still ample head room to grow as penetration and device proliferation increases. These trends will fundamentally change the way media houses of the future will look, along multiple axis, including the content produced, relationships with advertisers and technology backbone and talent that drive the organization. In this report we deep dive into the trends impacting this industry and what media houses, industry bodies and government need to do adjust to this evolving reality.

Entertainment Goes Online - A $5 Billion Opportunity

Entertainment Goes Online - A $5 Billion Opportunity

The past decade has seen a global transformation in how consumers watch videos and listen to music. From the days of terrestrial broadcast, social viewing of television to highly personalised, small screen consumption - the media industry is witnessing a transformation like no other. The rate of change in the industry only continues to accelerate, with hyper-competitive dynamics coming into play in India. There are the traditional players, and a strong push from global and more nimble companies go get into the OTT space. At the same time, India’s appetite for entertainment continues to increase as high speed broadband connectivity, ease of payment options and a availability of multiple platforms creates the right environment for the consumers.

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