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Highly advanced technologies such as blockchain, AI, IoT, and quantum computing are poised to reshape tech companies. Explore BCG’s latest thought leadership on the tech industry for insights into the future of technology innovation.

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Digital Disruption


BCG on Technology, Media, and Telecommunications

Disruptive technologies and convergences of digital thinking are revolutionizing the technology, media, and telecommunications industries.

Digital Transformation

Taking the Risk Out of Digital Projects

Agile is powerful, but it isn’t suitable for every digital project. If the company’s technology architecture isn’t decoupled, or if project dependencies are high, a hybrid approach makes sense.

Software Development


Why Software PMIs Need to Get Agile

There’s a startling disconnect between how companies view their M&As and what they actually achieve. But by taking an agile approach, they can create greater value—faster.



Cybersecurity and business strategy should be linked at every level, from the board and C-suite, to individual people, processes, and systems. Browse the collection to learn more.

Understanding Trends in Software and the Cloud

Understanding Trends in Software and the Cloud

Understanding Trends in Software and the Cloud

The Cloud Should Be Lean

The Cloud Should Be Lean

The Future of On-Premise Software

The Future of On-Premise Software

The Power of Technology Economics


The Tech Star Keeps Burning Bright

Many tech companies are reaching middle age and need to reinvent and transform themselves to stay relevant. They also need to broaden their core purpose to address their role and influence in society and their effect on the environment.

Technology Industries in India


Ascent to the cloud: How Six Key APAC Economies Can Lift – Off

The public cloud has emerged as an important technology platform offering benefits to businesses that extend far beyond convenient data storage and innovative applications. By boosting internal productivity, ensuring a robust security environment and providing the technology and tools such as artificial intelligence and machine learning to enable digital transformation, the public cloud makes it possible for companies to develop new revenue streams and drive higher productivity within their organizations.

The Indian Digital Divide

Digitalization today is creating a divide between digital leaders and laggards. While digital leaders have started to see business benefits from the application of digital, laggards are falling behind on various dimensions of digital maturity. BCG conducted a global survey covering over 2000 companies in Europe, the US and India to measure digital maturity across 37 dimensions. Comparison between leaders and laggards indicates that leaders have started to see tangible business benefits from digital in the areas of customer satisfaction, product quality and sales growth. While true digital leaders have advanced in all dimensions, the study finds 5 differentiating factors that distinguish leaders from laggards and provides recommendations on how laggards can catch up with leaders.


Product Development

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