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The Business 20 (B20) is a forum of global business leaders providing policy recommendations to the Group of 20 (G20) countries, an economic forum of countries that represent approximately 80% of global GDP. Since 2013, BCG has collaborated with the forum as a knowledge partner on select task forces under the guidance of Chairman Hans-Paul Bürkner.

The goal of the B20's work is to improve policy making, drive strong and sustainable economic growth, and establish appropriate economic governance. Each year, membership in the B20 ranges from 500 to 1,000 of the most influential business leaders. The summit is organized by topic task forces that are determined by the host country to reflect priorities in global business and economic governance.

BCG has tapped our people and our insights to help identify the policy changes that can improve economic, social, and environmental outcomes on key issues such as trade, investment, infrastructure, human capital, and financing for growth. We are proud of our most recent work at the 2018 B20 Summit in Argentina and look forward to our active participation at the 2020 Summit in Saudi Arabia.

Argentina (2018)

B20 Argentina included a High-Level International Business Advocacy Caucus, involving the most prominent business leaders of top companies from around the world. It addressed matters such as financing growth and infrastructure, trade and investment, along with new thriving challenges of today's world.

BCG supported the Digital and Industry 4.0 taskforce as a knowledge partner. As a result, the final policy paper calls on governments to respond to the opportunity of digital transformation and Industry 4.0 with holistic enabling policy and regulatory frameworks based around 7 key pillars (digital skills, Industry 4.0, global connectivity, MSMEs, digital trade and data flows, financial technology and cybersecurity).

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Germany (2017)

BCG supported three task forces and contributed to their subsequent policy recommendations:

Policy recommendations were presented to the German G20 Presidency and BCG actively participated in high-level events, including the OECD-B20 conference and the G20 Africa partnership conference.

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China (2016)

BCG supported two task forces: Infrastructure and Trade & Investment. Hans-Paul Bürkner co-chaired the Infrastructure task force and attended the G20 Summit.

Turkey (2015)

BCG supported two task forces: Financing Growth and Trade. Hans-Paul Bürkner co-chaired the Financing Growth task force and attended the G20 Summit.

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Australia (2014)

BCG supported Investments & Infrastructure task force and seconded an associate to the Project Management Office of the B20 (the only professional services firm to do so). Hans-Paul Bürkner and Ross Love presented at the B20.

Russia (2013)

BCG supported three task forces: Trade as a Growth Driver, Transparency and Anti-Corruption, and Investments & Infrastructure. Hans-Paul Bürkner served as co-chair on the Investments & Infrastructure task force and attended the G20 as one of 30 business leaders.

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