Celebrating College Graduation 2020

This year’s graduation celebrations are not what anyone expected, which makes it more important than ever to acknowledge the accomplishments of the class of 2020. BCG CEO Rich Lesser tells graduates that their degree is a doorway to their future, but they can’t stop there. “Keep looking for more doors, opening them, and looking for what comes next.” He and other BCG leaders have life and career advice and personal experiences to share with the college graduates of 2020.

Words of Wisdom for College Graduates

Leaders from across BCG and around the world share memories and give advice to the class of 2020.

Take Risks and Find Your Passion

BCG Senior Partner Pia Tischhauser tells university graduates to take the road “less traveled by.” As long as you’re passionate about what you’re doing, she says, you can find success and real happiness as a parent and in your career.

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A Perfect First Job?

Brighthouse CEO Ashley Grice says there’s no such thing. Take jobs that help you learn new skills and learn about yourself. There will be peaks and valleys along the way. “Lean into the jags,” and you will arrive at a place of happiness.

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Be Curious and Make Mistakes

In some ways, your education is just beginning. Senior Partner Mai-Britt Poulsenexplains that by being open to new opportunities, your learning will multiply. And by nurturing the relationships in your life—personal and professional—there are no limits.

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“Have Degree, Will Travel”

Grant Freeland is a BCG senior partner, as well as a faculty member of Dartmouth’s Tuck School of Business and the Harvard Kennedy School. Among his lessons for graduates during this uncertain time: Be creative, be tenacious, and be kind.

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