BCG Men Supporting BCG Women

Gender diversity advancement programs are more successful when men are involved.

According to BCG's Olivier Wierzba, many companies make the mistake of focusing their gender-diversity efforts solely on women. In fact, male leaders can have a strong impact on workplace culture, leading to better retention and promotion of women over time.

Five Ways Men Can Help Change the Status Quo

  1. Support flexible work policies. Take advantage of flexible work arrangements, such as part-time work and parental leave. Actively support others who take advantage of such arrangements.
  2. Model the right behaviors. Make no assumptions about the challenges and roles that women may want to take on. Be mindful of the message you send, and speak up if you see something amiss.
  3. Communicate fairly. In meetings, ensure that everybody has sufficient opportunities to speak. In evaluations, focus feedback on actions rather than personality traits.
  4. Sponsor a high-potential woman. Actively support a woman in your organization to advance and develop, advocating for her at key inflection points in her career, such as a promotion or a transfer.
  5. Get involved with company-specific initiatives. Participate in women’s initiatives within your organization: for example, attend recruiting or affiliation events and support initiatives via social media.

How Millennial Men Can Help Break the Glass Ceiling

Young men, who are far more aligned with women in how they view gender diversity, are valuable resources for companies trying to create a more equitable workplace.

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BCGers on How Men Can Increase Gender Diversity

Learn how BCG men can take an active role to make the firm a better place for everyone through mentorship, sponsorships, embracing a range of communication styles, working flexibly, and taking parental leave.

The Fabric of Our Culture

The Fabric of Our Culture

The Fabric of Our Culture

Speaking Up Speaking Out

Speaking Up Speaking Out

The Art of Flextime

The Art of Flextime


As global leader of the People team, I believe that all diversity, including gender diversity, is critical to the success of our business, the impact we are able to achieve for our clients, and the satisfaction of our people. During my tenure as People chair, I have sought out ways to enhance programs that support our women (and men), including Flex, PTO, and Segment of One. Through my client work and as office lead, I have made it a personal priority to develop and grow women’s careers, and help position them for long-term success. I believe that supporting all BCGers, and structuring ways in which they can be and bring their best, is simply important and right.

Matt Krentz
Managing Director & Senior Partner

In the Energy practice, we have introduced a special mentoring program, in which each of our female principals and project leaders has a personal career "sponsor" from the leadership team. We have gone from zero women partners in the practice to five, as well as one senior partner. But the most encouraging thing is that we have a very strong pipeline of women. We are also very active beyond BCG, promoting research that reveals the benefits of having more diversity and sharing best practices. I am a believer and an advocate in the benefit of diversity—in the quality versus quantity dilemma—and that is why I am so relentless and zealous.

Iván Martén
Senior Advisor

In my experience, teams with a good gender mix encourage thoughtful discussion, avoid lazy thinking, create better atmospherics, and reach higher quality conclusions.

Ian Walsh
Managing Director & Senior Partner