A Strategy the Client Fully Believes In

Johanna Benesty, a principal in the firm's Paris office, tells the story of partnering with a health care client to revamp its approach toward tackling health challenges in developing countries.

Impact Story

I am most proud of my team's impact when I see the success of my clients. I have in mind a recent example in which we supported a client redefining its five-year strategy. This client is active in the health care industry in developing countries—in the fight against HIV, tuberculosis, malaria, and in maternal and child health. The main question was to identify topics that this client should focus on in the next five years beyond its initial scope, help them make the right decisions, and promote the new strategy internally and externally. We have teamed with the client to analyze and work through the options, providing the strategic framework and the analyses and challenging each other in a real joint effort.

Pride comes at special moments, like the final eye contact before my client steps on the stage to present the strategy to board members. It's only a success because this is a strategy that the client deeply believe in and fully owns. Now the organization is on track to address some of the major health challenges the world is facing, and I am looking forward to tracking the progress.


About Johanna

Johanna Benesty is a principal in the Paris office of The Boston Consulting Group. She joined BCG in 2007 as an associate after graduating from ESCP-EAP European School of Management (Paris, 2007).