Enduring Relationships, Real Impact

Our four-year project for the same client is a testimony of the impact and trust we have been able to create.

Kaori Uehigashi

Impact Story

Our client is the owner of a power plant being built as an EPC turnkey contract. The project is suffering from severe delays and cost overruns, and the situation has been challenging between our client and the EPC contractor.

BCG started supporting the owner's project management four years ago by analyzing the situation and identifying major risks in the remaining project. Since then, BCG has been working with the board, with project management, and on the operational level on various topics to lessen the risks of the project. We have also played an important role in facilitating cooperation between the owner and the EPC. With BCG's help, the schedule was adjusted and today the project is on track to completion.

I have led the project for the past two years. During the time, we have further deepened cooperation between the owner and the EPC and are currently working in joint teams to prepare for commissioning of the plant. It has been rewarding for the whole team to see the results of our work in practice and to see the project meeting its major milestones on time.


About Kaori

Kaori holds a master's degree from the Helsinki University of Technology in industrial engineering and management. She is based in BCG's Helsinki office but also spent one year at BCG in Tokyo and one year at BCG in Perth.