Building Employee Engagement

We delivered great impact by enabling 600 employees to contribute in a meaningful and fun way to build their company’s vision for 2020. Employee engagement levels after the project just skyrocketed!

Impact Story

There are many ways for organizations to define a vision and drive change to reach the target culture needed to achieve that vision. In this very special case, we mobilized the organization of a pharmaceutical company through a bottom-up approach to define a vision, strategic priorities, and cultural dimensions to focus on in the next five years.

In an organization characterized by low employee engagement and high resistance to change, our team delivered impact by interacting and enabling the whole organization, shaping a totally new inclusive way of working that employees were excited about. We made a difference developing a clear roadmap of specific context interventions based on employee feedback that were key to driving the journey toward Vision 2020 from within.

From left to right: Helena Mateu, María López, and Teresa Ko

It could not have been more gratifying for us to feel the enthusiasm of the people around us, motivated and proud of shaping the future of the organization together, as a team. Engagement levels improved by more than 50%.

About the Team

Maria López, Managing Director & Partner
Maria holds a PhD in organometallic chemistry from Heriot-Watt University and a chemistry degree from Zaragoza University.

Helena Mateu Cuscó, Consultant
Helena holds an MSc in chemical engineering from IQS with her master’s thesis completed at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Teresa Ko, Associate
Teresa holds an MSc in international strategy and consulting from ESCP Europe and a double degree in business administration and law from University of Valencia.