A Roadmap to Growth

Impact at BCG means challenging our clients to think critically about their business to unlock new sources of value.

Pallavi Kansal

Impact Story

BCG was recently asked to help evaluate the strategy for a destination-focused airline. The company had enjoyed immense success but found itself facing increasingly strong headwinds, which posed a significant threat to the business and its growth ambitions. Our task was to evaluate the biggest risks to the go-forward strategy.

As the project leader on the case, I worked with senior leaders across the organization to not only get their thoughts on what the strategy should be but also challenge their underlying assumptions with data and rigorous analytics. Our team worked together with the clients to pressure-test the key tenets of their strategy and come to consensus on the viability of the model.

As a result of this case, we identified the top value drivers for the company and crafted a roadmap to capture this value. Through the process, we challenged our clients to think more broadly about their business to unlock new and different levers of value.


About Pallavi

Pallavi holds a biomedical engineering degree from Duke University and an MBA from Harvard Business School. She started at BCG as an associate in 2008. Outside of BCG, Pallavi has worked at Goldman Sachs in the investment banking division and at Apple.