M&A Deal of the Year

My greatest impact at BCG was when I worked on an acquisition and integration of two major mobile companies in Southeast Asia. The deal was awarded best M&A deal of the year in the market, and the integration was among the most rapid and successful integration executions in the mobile industry.


Impact Story

Our client was a mobile company that looked to acquire another loss-making mobile company with the aim of creating spectrum parity in a market with exploding demand for data. My team and I supported the client from due diligence process to integration execution across all business functions.

I was the coleader of the integration office, which involved more than 300 employees across the two organizations and other third-party vendors. With highly rigorous integration planning, relentless execution effort, and meticulous program management throughout the process, the integration has been claimed a success and was set as a gold standard for any execution at the client going forward. Over 60% of cost reduction was achieved within nine months after the deal closure. And more than $1 billion of synergy from spectrum and other business benefits are expected over the next seven years.


About Pilasinee

Pilasinee holds an MBA from University of Cambridge