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Our Latest Thinking on Agile

The scaled agile framework can be hard to adopt for organizations that have implemented traditional business models rather than focusing on agility and innovation. But large-scale agile transformation isn’t just about how an organization works, it’s about how an organization thinks. Read BCG’s publications on agile at scale to learn more about how your business or organization could benefit from an agile transformation to stay competitive in the digital age.

Featured Insights

Taking Agile Way Beyond Software

Taking Agile Way Beyond Software

Too often, agile remains confined to software development. But companies that successfully implement the approach across the enterprise can create an exceptional customer experience and gain a competitive edge.

Agile Traps - planning and execution

Agile Traps

Agile is hard—really hard. But when companies don’t commit to planning and execution, they risk falling into one of several known traps.

New New Way of Working - Collection of Publications

The New New Way of Working

A wave of change is coming that will make the way we work almost unrecognizable to today’s business leaders. To succeed, they will need to discover new ways of organizing, performing, and leading, along with new approaches to recruiting, developing, and engaging employees.

Going All In with DevOps

Going All In with DevOps

Agile software development takes you only so far. To keep pace in the digital age, you also need DevOps.

Taking the Risk Out of Digital Projects

Agile is powerful, but it isn’t suitable for every digital project. If the company’s technology architecture isn’t decoupled, or if project dependencies are high, a hybrid approach makes sense.

BCG on Agile Methodology

BCG on Agile

Simply put, agile works. But putting agile to work is no simple thing.

Consumer Products - Agile Sweet Spots in CPG

Agile Sweet Spots in CPG

This new way of working can fit into the multidimensional matrix of regions, categories, and channels of consumer packaged goods companies. Here’s how.