Working in Lisbon

At BCG in Lisbon, you will have the opportunity to work with a diverse, collaborative, and bright team on a wide range of projects that will drive both your professional and personal growth. As a result of that growth and the experience gained, BCGers are able to define their own path to success and satisfaction.

Work and Culture

History and the Area

BCG in Lisbon opened in 1995 and is located in the center of one of the most beautiful and vibrant capitals of Europe.

BCG has been continuously growing in Portugal over the past several years at a robust double-digit annual rate. And as a result of our very solid client base in highly diversified sectors, we have helped shape the country's economy across industries.

Who We Work With

Our clients include the largest organizations in sectors such as financial services, telecommunications, energy, retail and consumer goods, transportation and tourism, industrial goods, and health care. We work on the strategic challenges our clients face, and we support the recommended transformations.


The consultants in the Lisbon office are active participants in international projects, which provide major opportunities to experiment, learn, and develop. There are many ways in which to take part, including single projects done within an international team, global mobility programs with a one-year timeline and temporary or permanent transfers to other offices. Portugal has many examples of people moving to other offices, establishing their own roots, and eventually becoming partners. Overall, BCG's global footprint means that our consultants can shape their own path and expertise, exposing themselves to internationally diverse business contexts according to their evolving goals.

Social Impact

In addition to sporadic voluntary activities, we support one NGO every year. From 2015 to 2016, we worked with Oikos, a leading NGO in Portugal that is focused on three main intervention areas: emergency and humanitarian action, sustainable development, and mobilization for global citizenship. The organization is developing a project that aims to help NEETs—young people "not in education, employment, or training"—develop skills and find motivation to become active citizens and have a more solid career path. We have helped them develop their funding strategy and value proposition, allowing more young NEETs to benefit from their work.

Our Office Culture

One of the main characteristics of Lisbon office is our collaborative environment. On an employee’s first day, there is a great deal of training available, as well as constant feedback that supports each individual to progress in his or her career. The hard work is also compensated by relaxing and entertaining activities, including a monthly event, an animated end-of-year party, a fun and relaxing summer outing, and our enthusiastic football and volleyball teams that participate in an international tournament every year.

I joined BCG after my internship in my last year at college. Immediately you discover that we have a lot of great things at BCG, but none compares to its people—and that is what makes you want to continue.

Tomás Rodrigues

Before BCG, I worked two years in a well-known national energy company, but after a while I understood that I needed to be challenged constantly (and avoid routine tasks). At BCG, by regularly changing sector and business area through different projects, I found exactly what I missed in my previous experience—the opportunity to challenge the status quo and develop unique solutions.

Dianne Gomes
Project Leader


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