Specialty Consultant

What Will You Work On?

As a specialty consultant, you will work on projects with a focus on a particular topic or industry. Just like our generalist consultants, you will be responsible for analyzing problems, discovering insights, delivering recommendations, and making change happen for our clients. You will have close ties to the practice area that relates to your specialty. Some specialty consultants join BCG in that role; others start as consultants and become specialized as they grow.

How Will You Create Impact?

As a specialist consultant, you’ll be a pivotal member of our consulting team. You will work directly with clients on engagements that can vary in length, size, and location, depending on the client’s challenge.

How Will We Help You Grow?

As you grow in your career, you'll be able to dive deeper into your area of expertise—allowing you to make a bigger impact on clients. At the same time, you will develop or refine solid project-management skills and you will build strong relationships with clients. You will be able to specialize in a number of areas—ranging from lean manufacturing, procurement, and risk management to IT and telecommunications.

Who Are We Looking For?

We are looking for experienced consultants or industry professionals with in-depth knowledge about particular topics or industries, with a record of distinctive professional achievement. Just like our generalist consultants, specialty consultants should have the curiosity to ask the right questions, the creativity to discover new paths, the ability to collaborate with clients and colleagues, and the leadership to transform ideas into action.

We are interested in people who have a proven ability to work using a collaborative approach toward problem solving and creating impact. Our specialty consultants have exceptional intellectual curiosity and leadership skills that let them transform their ideas into action.

Meet Our Specialty Consultants