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The New New Way of Working

A wave of change is coming that will soon make the way we work almost unrecognizable to today’s business leaders. To succeed, they will need to discover new ways of organizing, performing, and leading, along with new approaches to recruiting, developing, and engaging employees. All this in organizations with limitless data, open boundaries, employees and machines working side by side, and rapidly evolving employee value propositions.

How to Gain and Develop Digital Talent and Skills
As digital transformation continues to disrupt the workplace, companies must begin now to hire, train, and retain new pools of skilled digital talent.

Purpose with the Power to Transform Your Organization
Purpose can be powerful—but only if it’s authentic. A four-step approach helps organizations move beyond superficial statements to activate and embed lasting purpose.

Digital-Era Change Runs on People Power
Putting people in the driver’s seat creates innovative thinking and faster response times that energize change efforts.

How Digital Can Turbocharge Shared Services
New technologies such as artificial intelligence and cognitive computing won’t be the death knell for SSOs, as some fear. Instead, they will bring an urgently needed upgrade.

Embracing HR Disruption: A Leadership Discussion
HR executives are embracing disruption in the way organizations work and transforming the HR function along the way.

Powering the Service Economy with RPA and AI
These two complementary technologies are the brawn and brains of performance. Companies can gain quick wins through RPA while strategically introducing AI for sustainable benefits.

As Media Companies Go Digital, Who’s in Charge?
Companies that make the tough choices and establish truly digital ways of working will position themselves to move forward as speedier, nimbler, and more efficient organizations.

The Hidden Potential of Frontline Leaders in the Public Sector
Frontline leaders play a pivotal role in the public sector. By understanding what makes some frontline leaders excel while others languish, organizations can equip public servants to deliver breakout performance.

The Persuasive Power of the Digital Nudge
Tech-based prompts can encourage employees to take actions that support larger goals, but only if they’re well timed and properly deployed.