Apoorva Is a Transformative Storyteller

Consultant, Atlanta

At BCG, Storytellers synthesize complex information and ideas. They believe in bringing the whole team together to get a broader perspective. Apoorva seeks a new perspective.

I have a strong support network at BCG: mentors, peers, women, and friends. Their actions inspire me to do more, and do better.

Apoorva Salimath

In Apoorva’s Words

My background is in biological engineering and after studying in the field for nine years, I decided it was time for a new challenge. BCG offered just that, including the opportunity to work with great people in diverse industries.

At BCG I've learned that regardless of expertise, working together on the journey towards the best solution is what defines us. I have worked in industrial goods and retail where I did not imagine I could contribute much, and on health care projects related to my background. In both scenarios, I learned to be a more focused problem solver, primarily letting go of my “read it all first” PhD mentality. I am quite sure I wouldn't have considered that tendency a hindrance until it was pointed out to me. Other perspectives on my work have given me the clarity to transform initial uncertainty to excitement, and to develop my working skills so I can better support my team.

About Apoorva

Apoorva holds a PhD and MS in bioengineering from Georgia Institute of Technology and a bachelor's degree in biomedical engineering from Purdue University.


What do you like most about your job?

I enjoy interacting with the intelligent, passionate group of people at BCG. Each person brings something unique to the table as a function of their past experiences and personality. Yet, we are all hard-wired somewhere to share common traits that enable us to work really well together. I don't think I would have the opportunity to work with this kind of group at any other company.

How has BCG helped you grow and succeed?

As an advanced-degree candidate (ADC), I had my share of concerns jumping into what I thought was a “pool of MBAs.” I have found this to be far from the truth. Comprising more than 20% of consultants, ADCs are a growing and strengthening faction. BCG helped me a build a solid network with my incoming class of ADCs and connected me to others through mentorship programs. To this day, it is useful to bounce questions off this group that shares a similar background, and comforting to know we have all gone through the same learning phase here.

What's your home office environment like?

The Atlanta office is the perfect size. It is small enough to know almost everyone by name and yet large to interact with a varied group of people. On Fridays, catered lunch hour(s) provide a great opportunity to share a meal with consultants, and Business Services and Knowledge staff. Smaller groups will often venture out for happy hours. Office events are hosted throughout the year, which include an annual retreat and spectacular holiday party. Overall, the environment is inclusive and social.

Apoorva Is a Transformative Storyteller