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BCG in Dubai

Office Park at Dubai Internet City
Block D, 4th Floor PO Box 32257
United Arab Emirates

T +971 4 4480 300

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What Matters Most to Saudi Arabia’s Youth?

What characteristics distinguish Saudi youth from their peers in other countries? How satisfied are Saudi youth with their lives? What are their most important needs? These questions have become increasingly important to Saudi Arabia’s government and business leaders as they pursue initiatives to improve the lives of the kingdom’s young people.

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Low Oil Prices Are Challenging Natural-Gas Markets

After three years of relative stability, oil prices have fallen sharply since mid-2014. The effects of this drop on a wide range of energy companies have been material, with many players forced to rethink investments, cost structures, and even business models. And a high degree of uncertainty about where oil prices will go next remains. Will prices bounce back, as history suggests they will? Or have we entered a “new normal” consisting of a fundamentally different pricing environment?

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Creating People Advantage 2014-2015: How to Set Up Great HR Functions

Business leaders today are faced with an extremely dynamic business environment, characterized by technological innovation, blurring boundaries among industries, shifts in customer behavior, scarcity of talent, and huge variations in growth across regions. HR functions need to help companies meet these challenges as true strategic partners. To fulfill this mandate, however, HR leaders need a clear view of their current capabilities, their priorities over the next three to five years, and the best way to tailor efforts to improve.

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