Meet Our People

BCG is the sum of its people and the insights they bring to our clients' most challenging issues. Get to know more about us by exploring the incredible array of people who are BCGers.

Celebrating Parenthood

With offices all around the world, employees at BCG come from all walks of life. Get to know some of the talented fathers and mothers, from India, to Germany, and beyond, as we celebrate them and learn more about their experiences as BCGers and parents.

Women at BCG

BCG’s entrepreneurial culture means there are many paths that women can take to find success in their careers—and satisfaction in their lives. Get to know some of the talented women who make up our team.

The Seeker and the Sleuth

Vaishali seeks to connect people and possibilities. Moundir unlocks profits and productivity. Together, they demonstrate that there's no limit to what you can achieve when you dream big—and manage small.

The Transformer and the Explorer

Su En returned home to Malaysia to help transform her country. Adrien left home to explore and improve the world. Both are achieving their ambitions at BCG with the help of some life-changing career experiences.

The Hard Charger and the Change Leader

As change accelerates, it creates equal challenges and opportunities. Bridgett and Juliana help keep BCG and our clients ahead of the curve, no matter how steep the turn.

The Artist and the Engineer

The ability to solve a problem in new ways demands being able to see a problem in new ways. BCGers Patrick and Jeremy apply their distinctive points of view to solve client problems with equal art and science.

Meet BCGers

Our People