Learning & Development

At BCG, we hire people with extraordinary, and diverse, talents—and a relentless desire to improve themselves.

What Is Career Development at BCG?

At BCG, you’ll always stay one step ahead, thanks to the variety of your on-the-job experiences combined with the richness of our learning and development program.

Every new BCGer is hired with the belief that he or she will be a long-term employee, capable of substantial professional and personal growth within the firm. We recognize and value each individual’s desire for career development and work to create world-class opportunities and programming in order to enable that growth.


The training in Munich was a great opportunity to bond with new colleagues, meet people from other offices, and learn about their different experiences. It was great to work with people of different backgrounds and cultures, especially during the two-day mock case where we were in teams of eight from eight different offices. The week was a perfect balance between a professional event and a bonding/networking experience.” –Cindy Sehili, Associate

LAB Learning Portal

The Learning at BCG (LAB) portal is the firm’s customized learning tool. LAB is available to employees worldwide and gives staff a 24-7, globally consistent access point to training resources and content from our 20-plus areas of expertise.

Online primers created by our global experts will help you get up to speed on an industry or function. Virtual classrooms, offered almost every day, provide access to BCG’s global experience and latest thinking. Specially designed curricula and newsletters help you learn from BCG peers how to succeed as a consultant, professional, and individual. With approximately 1,100 archived recordings and an average of 20 to 25 new classes per month, BCGers have access to these classes at any time.

Individual training recommendations—from a case team leader, advisor, manager, or colleague—enable you to develop problem solving, analytical, communication, leadership, and client service skills, helping you to learn more and continuously expand your potential through your on-the-job experiences.

In addition, we work with an external partner to offer 10,000-plus online on-demand training courses to help you build professional skills across trending topics (such as Agile Project Management and Design Thinking), as well as more tactical topics (like SQL Essential Training and Having Difficult Conversations).

Develop Your Skills According to Your Needs

At BCG, we understand that every BCGer requires different resources, skills, and information to ensure constant development and maximize his or her potential. Below are some highlighted programs that cater to the specific needs of each recruiting cohort.


  • Core Curriculum. Whether you’re an entry-level associate or a senior partner, BCG’s core curriculum provides in-depth programs to help you build the consulting, leadership, and client development skills you need to grow and excel at every step in your career.
  • Online Learning Tools. In addition to our core curriculum, you will have access to a wide range of online learning opportunities (including hundreds of electives, more than 1,000 virtual classrooms, primers, and more) that are available within our internal platforms to help you define your individual learning path at BCG and shape your own development.
  • Integration Programs. If you’re joining BCG from a nonbusiness field, academia, a specialized industry, or even another consulting firm, we’ll design an integration program to help you adapt quickly and develop new skills to accelerate your career.

Knowledge & Analytics

  • Development. The knowledge career path consists of tiers with increasing responsibility for those employees who wish to specialize in research, data management and analysis, tool development, and knowledge management to support BCG consulting teams globally and manage the firm's ever-increasing wealth of intellectual capital.
  • Knowledge & Analytics Mobility Program. This program provides high-performing knowledge experts the opportunity to gain international experience by spending four to six months abroad, and expand our relationships and networks around the globe.
  • Knowledge Academy. Knowledge Academy is a multiformat detailed, role-specific training program comprised of role-targeted courses based on the specific career step, as well as foundational courses to teach common skills. The blended courses make use of innovative platforms and remote technology to support cross-regional and cross-cultural exchange of our staff.

Business Functions

Development and Career Path. Career paths are tailored to the unique demands of each job function, allowing for flexibility in career progression, timing, and specialization. Through a range of learning and development efforts at BCG, we augment promotion opportunities with lateral moves and expanded or dual responsibilities. We ensure you grow through interesting and challenging work, have an active voice in your career development, access to job opportunities within BCG, and are a part of a culture that supports your growth through actively creating opportunities to expand your skills.

BCG is place where the best come to learn the fastest.”
– Carl Stern
Former CEO, BCG

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