Partnering for Smart Growth

A small biopharma expands internationally to become a top value creator.

A small California-based biopharma company had recently gone public and become profitable. But it faced a problem common among companies of its size: how to scale resources quickly in order to grow earnings and improve the top line.

The company called in BCG to help it devise an ambitious growth strategy that built on past success and ensured that the firm still had a tremendous impact on the diseases in which they were active.

In collaboration with BCG, the company evaluated its commercial organization. It became apparent that the business had outstripped the firm’s capacity to go to market effectively, to do life cycle management on its products, and to effectively engage with payers. BCG’s team worked with the firm to restructure the organization using best practices from biopharma and other industries, with the goal of increasing capacity for international expansion.

BCG worked with the company to restructure its R&D operation to remove barriers to competition in key markets, and developed a better model to bring new medicines to market. The company also assessed and integrated acquisitions to spur top-line growth.

BCG also helped the company scale across new markets in different countries and therapeutic areas. The company added a new therapeutic area to drive the growth necessary for shareholder value creation.

To enable a company-wide transformation, BCG worked with all levels of management, scientists, and personnel to help build lasting capabilities. BCG helped the company launch a major product born from an acquisition that became one of the industry’s most successful products of all time.

The result of the nearly 15-year collaboration: the company has grown from several hundred million in revenue to almost $10 billion. The firm has ranked as one of the highest value-creating biopharma companies for the past several years.

The result of the nearly 15-year collaboration: an increase in revenue from a few hundred million to almost $10 billion.

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